FCM 6024

全自動雙ARM雷射Wafer Marking系統

Auto dual-arm laser wafer marking system
具備讀取產品ID、並於wafer marking後讀取辨識標印功能。
The system supports 2D code and OCR reading before and after wafer marking.

高效率、高精度的晶圓標印wafer marking系統,提供多種不同形式的標印形式,包含英文字串、數字字串、條碼、2D code、QR code等,提升產品追溯性與產品識別性。

Precision and efficiency laser wafer marking system from FitTech provides multiple marking forms, including texts, numbers, barcodes, 2D code, QR code, etc., for product identification and traceability through the manufacturing process.

  • 產業Markets:

    Semiconductor manufacturing

  • 應用Applications:

    Wafer marking

  • 材料Materials:

    Silicon(Si) , Silicon Carbide(SiC), GaAs, Sapphire, Compound wafer etc.



■ 支援4吋-6吋晶圓標印
   Support 4” to 6” wafer marking

■ 高質量、高產能穩定加工
   High quality, throughput and reliability production

■ 高可讀性標印
   Highly-readable marks

■ 噴濺少,設備維護容易
   Cleanliness level

■ 具2D Code及OCR讀取辨識功能
   Support 2D code and OCR reading